Finding the truth – Morning Meditation, Dec. 11 2013

It is tempting to believe that we can find the answers about how to live with our minds.  That if we only read enough, listen enough, study enough, we will learn how to live.  But there is no answer.  For each one of us, life is unfolding in the moment and no one has ever lived our life before.  There are no right or wrong answers or choices.  We cannot determine with our thoughts how to live.  We must acknowledge our fear of trusting and allowing.  We have placed our faith in our identity and our ego and we are afraid to place it in God and the guidance within us, in the divine and infinite intelligence that creates us and creates this world.  That is where our faith belongs.  To the mind, that is an unimaginable step.  There is no logic in it.  It isn’t rational.

But if we were to honestly review significant decisions in our lives, we would find that those that had the most beneficial impact were those where we acted beyond logic and rationality.  And so it is important that we acknowledge our fear.  But it is also important that we acknowledge that there is only one way forward, that the answer we are looking for is not a “how”, that is, the answer we are looking for is how we can be and not what to do.  There is nothing to do.  It is better to sit still and do nothing if our heart is not inspired.  And so, in this moment we must affirm the powerlessness of our thoughts and our identity.  We recognize they have no true power.  They are simply ideas.  They have no substance.  There is only one true power, always acting on our behalf whether we are aware of it or not.

It is time to let go of judgment, to let go of criticism, let go of doubt, and place our faith firmly in the power that created this life, this world, this universe.  We fear the loss of control, yet it is the control that makes us so unhappy and still we cling to it.  When we do not achieve what we want, we become judgmental and critical.

It is not reasonable to expect ourselves to overcome all our fear at once.  And yet we so easily give up on surrendering and judge ourselves.  We do not need to do that.  We are not judged by God.  The spirit within us continues to give infinitely and eternally.  We are fine.  There is nothing wrong.  Despite what we may be thinking or feeling, there is really only one truth, one reality.  And if we would simply hold that truth in our awareness, we would have no need for fear.  So in this moment, we fill our minds with the truth, with the knowledge of the one power.  We affirm and acknowledge that all else is illusion.  There is only one thing that is real in this moment – only one thing has power.