Practice knowing the truth – Morning meditation, Dec. 13 2013

Just now, were you knowing and believing that everything is perfect?  Most of us are so accustomed to the thoughts that something is wrong or something isn’t perfect that we don’t even challenge or question them.  Our goal is to become acclimatized to the knowledge, thoughts, and ideas of perfection so that the negative thought stands out.  Miracles, positive rewards and responses, and creative expression should be normal.  Our meditation is a practice.  We are practicing knowing the truth.  We are practicing challenging the habitual thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that lead us into ideas of separation, doubt, and lack as if they were real.

We have had traumas and experiences that convinced us that there was evil, that there was imperfection or something wrong.  We have become physically conditioned to trust and put our faith in our mind and our thoughts or our identity.  There is no shame, no failure or fault in this – there is nothing to regret.  We are simply relearning what is true.  We have all had experiences where we found that things we had believed were true for most of our life actually were not true.  It is difficult sometimes to make the adjustment to remember which is true and which isn’t.  Imagine how hard it would be to learn the alphabet if the letters were reversed or mixed up.

So, from this perspective we know that we are on a journey to train our minds to remember the truth, to remember that in this moment there is nothing wrong, there is no lack, there is no danger, there is no shame, and there is no unworthiness.  We are not bad, we are not wrong, and we are not weak.  The spirit and the energy of God is just as powerful within us as anyone and anything.  No one can deny the presence of God as the fundamental source of who we are.  To do so is to deny the true nature of God and life.  The truth is that we are the only ones who can deny that presence by turning away from it through our fear of trusting, our fear of letting go, and our faith in our ego and identity.  In this moment there is no need for judgment, no need for doubt.  We simply accept this moment exactly as it is.  We accept ourselves exactly as we are.  Our only task is to move into that receptive, open, compassionate state of being and allow the presence of God to be revealed in our quietness, in our stillness.  God’s love is here right now and always.