The prison of the soul – Morning Meditations, February 4, 2020

There is a good chance you feel that you are a victim of something right now. Whether it is events in the world, your health, your financial state, whatever there might be consider that you are holding the idea that you are a victim, that there is something acting against you, something limiting you, something affecting you. Are you willing to consider you are not a victim at all and the particular kind of suffering or limitation you are experiencing is your own choice. Not that you chose it consciously, but it is the projection of your internal struggle outside of you. Although it may feel very much inside you, anytime we claim to be a victim, we are separating ourselves from the source of the conflict and placing it somehow outside of ourselves.

It is the fact that we have chosen to align with the ego being ‘somebody’ that has created the suffering. Of course the ego will not agree with this statement but nothing is more certain than the destructive qualities of the ego. We created the ego for the specific purpose of limiting our exposure to the truth. We asked the ego to prove that we could be separate, that we could make the separation work. But since separation is not possible or even real, the only strategy that can work for the ego is to imprison the soul. The only way to imprison the soul is through death, destruction. Not that it will work but it is the only strategy the ego has.

What you see around you, what you feel, think and believe are attempts to destroy the soul. That sounds harsh and drastic, but in the end it is the intended result. We must ask ourselves if this is what we really want? Do we want to destroy that which is beautiful, that which is light, that which is love? Is that really what we want? Of course it isn’t. We have been led to believe we have no other choice, led to believe there is something within us that is so bad that it must be destroyed. The good news is that none of it is real. The walls of the prison in whatever form they take whether it is sickness or poverty, whatever we have built is not real.

But we must stop scaring ourselves, judging ourselves, finding fault. We must question our motives for identifying as victims. We must constantly ask ourselves, “Is this what I really want – to destroy that which is beautiful, light and love?” We are too easily discouraged by our own resistance. We are susceptible to the ego’s claims. We give in to the ego’s agenda so easily, but we must not judge or find fault with ourselves. We have put a powerful intelligence to work for the wrong purpose. It is time to withdraw that purpose. It is time to stop going along with the ego, consenting to being a victim, to believing in the prison that we have imagined.

Nothing can imprison the truth because there is only the truth. There is no force or power against it. There is only the vain imaginings of the ego. There is only one mind, one power, one consciousness. No matter how much you believe you are alone, you are separate, it is not true and never will be. The ego argues that it is, of course. It proves to you every day with your physical world that it is real – you are real. But only until you stop accepting it, and then you will see that it never was and never will be.

Everything is happening in the mind. Nothing is happening outside of the mind. There is nothing outside of the mind. And so our task is to surrender to the truth, stop trying to make things work, stop trying to fix things, stop trying to make a better you. Those efforts are destructive – not creative. What is creative comes from truth; everything else is destructive. Our need to succeed is destructive. Our need to feel good about ourselves is destructive. Our need to be somebody is destructive.

Let us stop it now. Let us release the idea that we can figure this out, we can fix it, and somehow know what is needed. Let us release the identity and the ego and just be with the truth. The truth that everything is already everything it should be. Nothing is missing, nothing is broken, and nothing is anything less than perfect. If we would truly accept this we would see that we are one.