Walk Away From The Identity – Morning Meditations, 10-30-2015

Consider this: in this moment you could experience serene calm and peace. You could experience divine light and grace. You could experience a sense of oneness and wholeness, a deep knowing of the fundamental beauty and richness of life. And this is what lies within you, lies at the very core of your being, the source of your life right now. This could be your experience in this moment. If it is not your experience, most likely you are identified and aligned with the identity and struggling to be free of it.

For most of us who are listening to or reading this meditation, the identity is like an old friend or family member that we have outgrown. This person has a particular trait which is to continuously talk, and even if we feel we have something to say we get no attention from them. They just continue to talk to us. This has been going on in our lives for so long that we don’t even notice. But at some point, we finally realize we don’t want to listen to this anymore. And the only way out is to turn away and walk away.

That is the only way out of the identity – we must turn our attention away from it and look at, see, hear, and listen for a whole different experience. When we are aligned and captivated by the identity we believe that there are things wrong, there are things that need to be fixed, that need to be done, that have to change. We believe all kinds of things.

When we turn away from the identity, we can stop trying to change anything and stop trying to fix anything. Now we are going to fix our minds on truth. This is how we silence the identity, how we put an end to duality, for only in the realm of duality can there be things wrong or bad, or any ideas that we fall short, are not good enough, or are not worthy. We can let all those ideas dissolve in the light. We cannot get rid of the darkness with other darkness. We can only get rid of it with light. We cannot get rid of a faulty belief with a new belief that is as dualistic as the old belief.

So we turn away from the endless stream of judgments, noise, and we acknowledge the truth. We deny all ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, and know that there only is what there is – an expression of the one true power. There only is the one true source. Everything, absolutely everything, originates from this one perfect source. Nothing is outside of it. Nothing can oppose it. Nothing can corrupt it. There cannot possibly be anything bad or wrong. We cannot let our identity distract us from this truth. We cannot go along with the identity in any way. For the moment we believe in duality, we are separated from the truth and the illusion and the dream of duality.

If we have symptoms or illness, if we have lack or poverty, if we have depression or unhappiness, if we have failure in our lives, this is not the work of God. It is the work of our identity. God cannot create suffering. Only we can do that. We have tremendous power at our disposal that we mostly use to punish ourselves. We use the creative power of the universe to limit ourselves, to make our lives hard, to punish ourselves. We will not be judged for this. There is no blame or shame. For we will see our own perfection one day and know there never ever was anything wrong, never was anything bad, never was any failure or mistake. Life is not capable of mistakes. Life is only capable of living – the creative power evolving and expanding, every entity a unique expression, completely individual, unlike any other expression. There cannot be any mistakes because there are no rules, no expectations. There is only the spontaneous expression of Life in this moment.

So the source of all our struggle, unhappiness, and suffering, is our idea that we should be any different than we are. Our efforts to control result from that idea. If we truly, deeply, fully acknowledged our own perfection, our own divine nature, the presence of God as us, we would be free.

And so we must walk away from the endless monotony of the identity and listen to God within us. We must choose to set our minds on the truth. We must break the spell of the identity and walk away. The identity has no power but that which we give it. We can stop now. There is nothing to do. For we know the truth of our own divine nature. We know that this truth is the only power there is. Even though we may be distracted, that does not change the truth. Nothing changes the truth. Nothing changes what is true about us in this moment. There is nothing we can do to make ourselves imperfect, to make ourselves bad or wrong, failures or unworthy. It is not possible. So we can give in, we can stop and say “yes” to the truth.