Finding Stillness Within – Morning Meditations, July 1, 2019

Finding stillness within is a skill that is basic to the spiritual journey, and yet in many cultures there is no knowledge or acknowledgement of the importance of being able to quiet the mind.  We have become accustomed to the constant noise of our mind, so much so that we are afraid to be alone in silence.  We seek distraction constantly.  In order to make room for the truth we must cultivate our own comfort in silence.  From the viewpoint of the ego that looks like doing nothing, just wasting time.  But our spiritual search will be fruitless if we cannot guide ourselves to the quiet and still mind. 

Take this moment now to consider how often you really practice this journey – how often do you sit in silence and stillness with no distraction?  Try it now.  Turn your attention inward. Let all thoughts, plans and activities drop away.  In worldly terms it takes time to become quiet, although in reality it happens in an instant – in a timeless moment. 

All the knowledge in the world is of no use when it comes to this important step.  Except in one way, in reassuring ourselves that in fact this is what we want and it is safe.  We have resisted it and resistance to this step is the fundamental basis of our suffering and struggle.  Our decision to turn away from our authentic selves results in fear of the silence and stillness within. 

So we know we cannot judge ourselves, we cannot find fault with our resistance, and we can remember that more than anything we long for what lies within us already.  It is already there and already true.  So we use our knowledge to guide and reassure ourselves that we are safe – we can make this journey and indeed it is what we want.  We will experience fear, we will be distracted, we will start to pay attention to our thoughts, but let us be calm and accepting, not judgmental and anxious.  We can allow ourselves to be guided, to be called. 

The fear, resistance and distractions are simply the fragments of the wall we built and we can let them drop and return to the nothingness that they are.  They have no reality.  There is only one thing that is real.  We can call it what we want – it has no name.  It is universal, infinite, and eternal.  When we allow ourselves to know it, it is the only thing we know.  So there is nothing more important to be done than to find the silence and the stillness.  That is our practice.  That is our journey. 

Do not listen to the arguments of the ego that claim it is too hard, there’s too much resistance.  Those are simply noisy thoughts.  Don’t look at them anymore.  Look deeper, further.  Listen to the call of truth – it is always there.  Do not be deceived.  You can let go of your defensiveness now.  There is no need to fight any longer.  Peace is within you right now.  Give in.